Peace Between Principles

Love & Liberty

The entire social history of mankind is full of struggles, having at its base two great principles, one striving for a place to the detriment of the other: the principle of authority and the principle of liberty. Authority has striven to expand to the detriment of freedom, and the latter has endeavored to limit as much as possible the power of authority. These two, face to face, cannot but mean conflict. To orient a movement after one or the other of these two principles means to continue the historical line of unrest and social warfare. It means to continue on one hand the line of tyranny, oppression and injustice, and on the other hand the line of bloody insurrection and of permanent conflict.

Therefore I want to call the attention of all legionaries and in particular that of newer ones that they should not deviate from the movement’s line because of a misunderstanding. In many a case I noticed that as soon as a legionary received a rank he stiffened with all his being into “authority,” breaking away from everything that bound him to his comrades till then, and felt compelled to “impress” others by the use of his authority.

The legionary movement is based exclusively neither on the principle of authority nor on that of liberty, It has its foundations rooted in the principle of love. In it, both authority and freedom have their roots.

Love is the peace between the two principles: authority and liberty. Love is in the middle, between them and above them, embracing both of them in everything they have best and removing the conflicts between them.

- Excerpt From: For My Legionaries, by Corneliu Z. Codreanu

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